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My New Ideas

My New Ideas

The Best Way to Have a Wonderful Garden

Creating a dream garden design is not easy. In addition to green design, the choice of garden products - from visibility fence to furniture - is important for the overall impression. But the choice is huge. Therefore, expert advice is advisable.

Gardeners know the feeling: their own garden is prepared for the summer, the lawn cultivated and the first buds drift out - but to a favorite garden is missing the certain something. In a family garden, a wooden children's toy can already make the difference, which makes for bright childrens eyes. For sun worshipers who want to be undisturbed, a cleverly integrated visual protection or a wooden fence can be used. Attractive garden furniture and a grilling corner create a cozy atmosphere. Perhaps also lovingly planted flower boxes and wooden planters are the icing on the cake in the garden.


Since the range of garden and landscape products is very large, it is difficult to always find the right article at the first attempt. Special challenges must be considered, especially in the case of outdoor products: the quality must be suitable for outdoor use, the installation is carried out appropriately and care and maintenance is taken care of - in the case of children's toys, also to the TÜV certification. Only when these criteria are met, garden enthusiasts have long-lasting pleasure in the products.

In order to realize the path to a dreamlike garden, a visit to the wood dealer will help. There you get a comprehensive and expert advice. When an overview has been gained, the timber trade offers a wide range of garden products made of wood and wood-polymer materials (WPC). Both materials have proved themselves for outdoor use due to their positive properties. They are adaptable and offer gardening a natural look and pleasant feel.


The product assortment includes, among other things, garden furniture and flower boxes, visibility fences, garbage boxes, pavilions as well as children's play equipment and garden houses. Garden lovers also find suitable accessories, such as fall protection mats, handgrips and head protection for children's play equipment. In addition, in addition to care tips, you will also receive suitable care products.

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